The IASF is currently working on the internal structure for International Coaches Credentialing and will have an update soon.


Click Here to sign up for the IASF Cheer Legality Official Training in Sydney, Australia on Jan 25th, 2019 at the AASCF Conference.

Reminder: – This link is for registering Non-U.S. Legality Officials only. For additional questions on Cheer Legality Official training, send an email with your questions to: cheer.rules@iasfworlds.com

For additional questions on Dance Legality Official training, send an email with your questions to: dance.rules@iasfworlds.com

The IASF will list all of the current Legality Officials from each country as soon as we put that list together.  Check back soon.

All About The IASF

ABOUT The IASF is the worldwide governing authority for sport cheering and dance. The IASF was previously a part of the USASF. Starting in March of 2016, the IASF became a separate entity and will move forward on a global course.

MISSION STATEMENT To bring structure, consistency, safety and growth to the global community of All Star Cheer and Dance.

VISION With the help of the global cheer and dance community, the IASF will help provide common ground for all countries involved in All Star Cheer and Dance. The IASF will provide clear understanding of rules, a consistent credentialing platform and opportunities for growth of the sport.