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What makes The Dance Worlds special or unique from other competitions?

Knowing we will be in the same room as some of the best dance teams in the world really motivates our athletes to further their skills, discipline, focus and dedication. Attending Dance Worlds is truly a privilege for us. To see and be surrounded by so much talent is truly inspiring and not only encourages our athletes to become the best dancers they can be, but in turn also motivates our coaches to become the best they can be for our athletes. 

Natalie Marinopoulos, Endurance Elite - Melbourne, Australia

* What is The Dance Worlds to your program? teams? coaches? 

To us, Dance Worlds is the ultimate experience. To compete at this amazing event alongside amazing talent from across the globe is the greatest honour, which keeps us striving to be our best year after year. In Australia, making it to the Dance Worlds is a bucket-list wish for many dancers and coaches, and we are so lucky to have been part of it. The memories our students have made at this event will last a lifetime, for international competitors it is nothing short of life changing.

Brittany Byrnes , Bradshaw Elite - Sydney, Australia