Our commitment to the International All Star Cheer and Dance community is to respond to the immediate call to action for Diversity Equity & Inclusion.

We have formed an International committee that focuses specifically on Diversity Equality and Inclusion within the International All Star Cheer and Dance community.  There are 19 members from 11 countries represented.

This is a specific area that as a Governing body we can contribute to being better for our and the sport overall.

We will be diligently working with the global community to continue to make our industry one that remains fair, diverse and always at the forefront of leading.

The committee will be dedicated to the development of a robust system to be recommended for the IASF community. This system will encompass policies, education, sensitivity training, cultural awareness and exchange, strategies for prevention of any acts of hate, racism, bigotry, or prejudice within All Star. The IASF will never tolerate any forms of racism, bigotry, or prejudice to exist within the Federation. The IASF pledges to make sure that our global growing sport is always at the forefront of leading. We are dedicated to learning more about the issues that our members believe exist or have experienced personally.

Thank you for your support and understanding regarding these very important matters.