PROGRAM: A program may receive more than one bid to The IASF Dance Worlds in the same division and category as long as none of the dancers compete on both teams – each team must be made up of a different group of dancers.
Example: A program may have two teams in the Senior Small Pom category as long as no dancers crossover.

TEAM: If a team has already accepted an at-large bid and opts to compete for another bid, they will be eligible only for a partial-paid bid. They will not be eligible for another at-large bid unless they decline the first at-large bid they were awarded BEFORE competing for another at-large bid. Accepting or declining bids must be done in writing or email to the sponsoring event producer. If a team has already been awarded a bid to Worlds, declines acceptance of a bid, or fails to accept the bid by the deadline noted, the bid may be transferred to an alternate team at the sponsoring event producer’s discretion. The event producer may not transfer (or hand down) any at-large bids after 96 hours from the end of their qualifying event.