Cheerleading & Dance Worlds New Check In & Roster Verification Process
1.  Go to the Championship Office to get proof of a Zero Balance
– Have copies of all passports with picture and date of birth
– Come with pre-made lists or rosters of your athletes by team (any format is fine as we will be transferring the information to an “official event roster”)
– Prior to attending – you should double check the age requirements, team size, number of allowed males on the team to make sure the athletes you are brining and your final roster fit the division specific parameters
– Bring your music licenses and receipts
– We will be making ID cards for international coaches.  If a coach cannot come to the verification office, you may bring with you, on your phone a head shot (chest up, front facing, not hat or sunglasses)
3.  Go to the Coaches Tent
Pick up your event lanyards and registration packet


The USASF Image Policy is strictly enforced for all participating athletes.

Cover Ups must be worn at all times except when warming up and competing as outlined in the USASF Image Policy.

Organized practices at The Cheerleading and Dance Worlds (all locations):

A USASF/IASF Eligible Coach facilitating a practice with members of the registered team is allowed to authorize removal of the cover up for an organized practice.

Eligible Coaches who oversee such practices must advise and enforce the cover up policy immediately following the conclusion of the organized practice.


Athletes must practice and perform on an appropriate surface. Technical skills (stunts, pyramids, tosses or tumbling) may not be performed on concrete, asphalt, wet or uneven surfaces or surfaces with obstructions.

USASF Staff and Officials will be diligent at enforcing this rule in all areas of the event, including, but not limited to the areas of all on-property resorts, competition venues and surrounding areas. As a general guideline, coaches must be diligent in examining any area and/or surface which they may have their team use to practice any skills or routines in full. If a coach chooses to practice on a grass covered surface, they must make sure it is free of moisture and provides an even surface. Teams may not stunt or tumble on any unapproved surface.

An overlay of carpeting over concrete does not constitute an appropriate surface. As a rule of thumb, the surface must have mats or be a perfectly flat, unobstructed, moisture free grass area.

Any team found in violation of this guideline is subject to fines, penalties, deductions, disqualification, sanctions and/or membership revocation.


The IASF WORLDS competition follows the music guidelines set forth by USA CHEER. When attending IASF WORLDS please make sure your team and/or program is following these guidelines. To learn more about these guidelines CLICK HERE and to find music providers CLICK HERE.


Only official coaches and athletes are allowed in official rehearsal areas and warm-up areas.